Updated 11/1/04

Family Chronology

Passage to Italy--Fall 1941

In the fall, the entire group of 200 was taken from Albania to Italy by ship.  The Italian soldiers were on top of the ship and flew the Red Cross flag in order to travel safely.  However, the prisoners were kept in the hold.  One night, the prisoners were quickly escorted to the beautiful dining room and sat down to a sumptuous dinner (they didn’t question why, they just began eating).  It turns out that the Red Cross was on board and came through to see the prisoners being treated like royalty, but the minute the Red Cross left, the food was taken away mid-bite.  (The Red Cross would also come through the camps, but the captors wouldn’t show them anything.)  They arrived on October 27, 1941 at a concentration camp called Ferramonti.

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