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Dooley: July 26, 1996 - August 9, 2004

This web page is a tribute to the all-too-short life of Dooley the cat.

Dooley was basically a dog in cat's clothing. He insisted on going for his daily walk. When someone knocked on the door, he ran up to see who it was. He liked to go for rides in the car (even to the vet!). But his real trademark was that he scoured the neighborhood for things to bring Mark. Often, Mark was treated to a 2AM wakeup call as Dooley was proudly announcing a new gift he had just brought in. Here is a partial list of goodies:
Purple Jockey® briefs

Scooby Doo® Baby Slipper
"Yellow Ducky" Baby Slipper
Pair of Easy Spirit® Slippers
Fuzzy Slippers (10)
Children's Nike® Shoe
Shoelaces (2)
Sock (50)
2 Wool Caps (1 stuffed with 5 bras)

Stuffed Animals: Rabbit, Chicken, Cat, Tiger, Teddy Bear, Bear (Holding Cubs), "Baby's 1st Christmas" Bear, Duck (that quacks when squeezed), Squidward, Winnie the Pooh, Woody Woodpecker, and many more
Used Coffee Filter
Candy wrapper
Used paper towel (3)
A turkey baster with the top missing
Ad for L. Ron Hubbard's Dianetics (4)
Ad for Tran's Gardening Service (4)

Palm Frond (2)
Bicycle Racing Glove (4)
Stanley® Work Glove (2)
Leather Gardening Glove (2)
Clean Ones® Plastic Glove (4)

Eagle One car polishing pad
Generic car polishing pads (8)
Car polishing glove

Dried flowers wrapped in florist paper
Hand towel with floral embroidery
Small towel/rag (10)

Mostly-deflated birthday balloon (6)
Large piece of packing foam (6)
Clinique Lip Gloss
Dave and Buster's® soccer ball
Chicago Cubs stuffed baseball
Foam ball (2)
Stuffed doggie bone

Real Animals: Dead bird (3), Live bird (3), Live mouse (2), Dead mouse, Dead rat

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