Updated 10/22/04

Jane is the eldest of the Robichek siblings, and she started off as the wildest!

During and after her college years, Jane was trying to "find herself," and that meant living on a kibbutz in Israel, finding a Latin lover in South America and exploring her inner self. Finally, after getting her MBA, she pursued a career as an advertising executive in New York City.

Not long after heading to the East Coast, Jane found the love of her life in Bobby Jacobs. Married since 1980, Jane & Bobby have become the proud parents of Alex, Emily and a wide variety of pets.

Jane has always been great-looking (like her mother!), and she even briefly pursued a career as a model (using the pseudonym Jane Robins). In 2004, Jane was doing a different sort of modeling, posing for a magazine ad for Aleve while in art class!