Updated 4/20/09


From 2000-2009, Mark was the Quality Assurance Manager/Coordinator (the "ISO 9001 guy") at Xicom Technology, the premier amplifier supplier for the satellite communications industry.

In August '06, Mark married the love of his life, Laura.
Check out the story and see some photos!

In his "past life", he was the President of
Actual Entertainment, creator of the Gubble video games. Once featured in Life Magazine as one of the elite video game players in the nation, Mark was known, at one time or another, for having the highest score in the "world" on video games such as Frogger, Moon Patrol, Pengo, Tutankham and Bagman.

Mark is a genuine cat lover, and most cats seem to know it.
Dooley (1996-2004) was the most amazing cat he ever had the privilege to know.  Dooley enjoyed taking his daily walks around the block. Over the years, he brought Mark many unusual gifts. Kind of like a dog, but without the barking and the mess! Now Mark has two bundles of joy in his life...his two new kitties are  Impy & Sparks.

Mark is known as "the organizer"; if a neat desk is a sign of a sick mind, well...

For 12 years before Xicom, Mark worked as a Project Manager and Applications Engineer at
ILEX Systems, in charge of large networked control systems (SCADA) for the utility business. Then, he joined forces with long-time friends Franz Lanzinger and Eric Ginner in the formation of Actual Entertainment. He is a member of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL), having attained the rank of Silver Life Master. He is also an expert in the little-known sport of car rallyes. His spare time is spent playing tennis, playing bridge, playing video games, playing word games, and watching "quality" television.

During Mark's reign as Actual Entertainment President, he hosted a live chat on December 3, 1997 at World Without Borders...would you like to see the
transcript? In April '98, he was interviewed by Blank Gaming...perhaps you'd like to see what Mark said.

Along with Eric Ginner (another video game expert), Mark achieved fame by being featured in Life Magazine and Blip Magazine in 1983. Care to
have a look?

In the summer of 2005, Mark was interviewed by a film crew. The result was a movie titled
Chasing Ghosts, a full length documentary feature that debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2007 and was featured on the Showtime TV networks in December 2008.

Oh! One final note. Mark has lots of digital photo albums featuring his family, his friends, his vacations and--of course--his cats! Check out the photos!