Updated 2/26/07


Our Story

Laura & I met on a singles cruise in December, 2003. During our adventure, we ate together, performed Karaoke together, watched shows together (even walking out together on some terrible ones!), and visited Jamaica (yea mon!) & the Cayman Islands together. We came to notice and enjoy each other's growing list of quirks. By the end of the cruise (and even at a serendipitous meeting at the airport afterwards), we realized that we truly had something special. And you thought the "Love Boat" was just an old TV show!

Our Wedding

We were married in a small but beautiful ceremony on August 5, 2006
at Tavern on the Green
Central Park, New York

  As we gaze into each other's loving eyes...

  As we walk down the aisle to the tune
of "Tiptoe Through the Tulips"...
  As we cut the delicious wedding cake...

  Hey, I think I know those people!
  As the bride and groom share their first dance...


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