Updated 2/26/07  
This is the official website of Impy & Sparks, two grey tabbies who now own Mark & Laura Robichek (if you think it's the other way around, you've probably never owned a cat!). By the way, Impy's the one with the orange collar. Impy & Sparks (both born in April 2004) are the newest additions to Mark & Laura's home. They were raised as "foster brothers" at the Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary. They love play-fighting with each other, and each one will start their motor running as soon as you pick them up!

Impy & Sparks relaxing with each other in the comfy chair.

Yin & Yang: Where does one cat end and the other begin?

Impy with an extra foot growing out of his back?

Sparks waiting for the garbage man?

Play-fighting, one of their favorite activities

The ongoing battle for "King of the Cat Tree"

Sparks grabbing a quick nap

Impy in one of his "normal" sleeping positions


Care to see some kitty videos?
[Both of 'em play-fighting--Sept. '04]
[Sparks chasing a cursor--Sept. '04]
[Gotta get that spider!--Oct. '04]
[Self-cleaning cats--Mar. '05]
[Impy chasing a laser dot--Mar. '05]
[Impy demonstrating how to Drop, Roll & Purr--Mar. '05]


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