Updated 12/22/04


Alexander Robichek: October 31, 1925 - February 2, 1978

Born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Alex was the "perfect" husband and father. He was a wonderful provider for the family, but he was never too busy to spend time with his kids.

Alex was extremely smart, and this intelligence led him to become fluent in 5 languages. He became one of the most-liked and most well-respected professors of finance at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University. Even decades after his passing, the Business School continues to recognize his accomplishments by presenting the Alexander Robichek Award, recognizing achievement in finance courses.

Alex authored several finance books that are still referenced today. As stated by one of his colleagues, William F. Sharpe, "Alex Robichek combined a traditionalist's view of finance with a thirst for new ideas. He placed a premium on useful theory. He contributed much, through research and teaching. His premature death caused a tremendous loss for the field of finance, for Stanford and for me."

Despite all of the honor and respect he earned, he never let it go to his head. He was extremely modest and never bragged about his accomplishments. His friends, colleagues and students considered him to be quite down-to-earth. To his children, he was quite simply a loving and fun person, and we were proud to have him as our father. In the year of his passing, his three children prepared a 20-Year Tribute to his life.